Version 5 of Light Box (April 2018) is now available on iOS, Kindle Fire and Android.

Adds additional scenes, new options and better performance on newer hardware

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Access Darts Splash Screen

Access Darts is a switch accessible darts game for iOS 9.0+ (Universal) – it includes a full audio overlay for visually impaired players.

Was more than a little chuffed to get an asset usage request for Access Darts from Apple in May for WWDC 2017

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Version 4.0 of Sound Box is available on the App Store with improved performance, 64-bit support and iOS9 fixes. December 2015’s update fixes the soft keyboard popup problem in iOS9 when using keyboard switches to control scenes.

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Switch Box Invaders

Switch Box Invaders was created for and with young people who use assistive technology switches to control the iPad. The game is a motivational means of developing and improving sequencing, timing and basic switch control skills.

The latest iOS release supports newer iPhones and iPod Touch. The app has also been ported to Windows and OSX as freeware.

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Speaking Clock

Quick demo which throws out Speaking Clock MP3s from speech synthesisers for Drake R&D and Gemma Nash’s Beyond Vocal Norms.

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Braille, Moon and Raphigraphy Swell Fonts

I made these for a swell (capsule) paper printing app in special ed but they may have application elsewhere.

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Face Games

Face Games for Autism is a more systematic version of the All Smiles and Odd Face Out apps I wrote for Android/iOS a few years ago.

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Large Macbeth Verse

Macbeth’s Witches is a simple free sound board developed to support sensory teaching activities with children who have complex learning needs and significant communication disabilities.

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On the plus side, MindWave is an increasingly cheap EEG headset which is much easier to persuade people to wear and the API is Open enough to hack games and the like (higher resolution raw EEG streams are encrypted and require a tidy fee).

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Crowd Sounds

FreeVOCA is a simple free app for Windows, OSX and iPad which allows us to publish some of the AAC sound boards from PhotoVOCA.

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Screen grab of the old Cognable site

Gradually migrating the old Cognable site to WordPress – getting lazy in my old age.

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MaKey MaKey is a cheap hardware interface for PCs, Macs and most tablets which allows any vaguely conductive object to be used as a switch.

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This was my personal favourite from the prototype tools I did for the Action for Kid’s Sparking Change project. We also distributed it in beta form with about a dozen testers using in earnest for a few months – mostly in school or care settings.

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Funded by Nominet Trust, I’m working with Lansbury Bridge School and The Rix Centre to look at free and open-source head and eye-tracking solutions which can be used to replace the standard computer mouse.

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Most Rix Centre projects are concerned with web content creation by and with people with intellectual disabilities. Generally Rix works with people who have mild and moderate intellectual disabilities and use camera created content supplemented by small runs of easy read text.

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Created initially as a Word Press plugin in 2008, Speeka also supports conversion of generic html pages to MP3.

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These are notes, links and supporting references from the INMD workshops of 2008 through 2010. Statistics were last updated in 2010.

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Symbols Laid Out with Ruby

Comparative searches of Yahoo, Google and Flickr – vaguely useful approach to supplementing limited symbol sets or untagged concepts.

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Password security for users with ID has always been problematic, on the @PPLE VLE we built a simple graphic login with two stage symbol selection as an alternative to passwords, this was still a barrier to many users who were unable type their username.

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QR Generator with colourising and a smart resizer to match particular pixel sizes cleanly, only really matters when they are being printed quite small.

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This is still online as a handful of sites still use it, but the service dates back to 2007 and easier options are now available – notably reCAPTCHA.

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