14th April 2008

QR Codes

QR Generator with colourising and a smart resizer to match particular pixel sizes cleanly, only really matters when they are being printed quite small.

Addendum 2014 full page printing is broken now it seems – this was done in AS2 an age ago and I’ve lost the source code, otherwise it seems to working OK.

Originally written when we were experimenting with QR Codes at Rix Centre as a means of system login for users who were unable to type or use a pointing device. QR Codes are still proving a very interesting approach for users with severe and profound ID, allowing for passive access as well as via manipulatives.

If you’re working with similar applications of QR Codes, ReacTIVision is also worth a look both with QR and more easily recognised fiducials where camera focus is a problem. Rix Centre is currently developing applications based around ReacTIVision with severe and profoundly intellectually disabled people see: SymbolSurfing

This QR generator is based largely on Swetake’s QR libs.

Example Content

  • SMS message SMSTO:07987123456:message content here.
  • Get a url http://www.somepage.com/
  • Dial a phone number TEL:07987123456

RS Error Correction Summary

  • Level L, 7% can be restored.
  • Level M, 15% can be restored.
  • Level Q, 25% can be restored.
  • Level H, 30% can be restored.

QR Code Reader (Requires Webcam and Flash)

Lightweight Flash QR reader based on Kenichi Ueno’s Lib.