7th October 2008

Alternate Logins

Password security for users with ID has always been problematic, on the @PPLE VLE we built a simple graphic login with two stage symbol selection as an alternative to passwords, this was still a barrier to many users who were unable type their username.

I made these prototypes and preliminary designs for the in-folio project. A similar version of the photo based password was implemented by the developers for pointing device users, but as the project focused on users with moderate ID, the automatic and switch based approaches were never actually included.


  • Provides two alternate of password entry as simpler alternatives to text-entry
  • Parameters such as username, type of login, switch access settings and an encoded password can be passed via html or the executable when run offline.
  • Will run on insertion from CD or USB drive (via Windows auto-play if supported).
  • Enables non-literate switch users to enter a basic password
  • Supports keyboard, mouse and game device emulating (Windows executable version only) switches
  • Provides spoken feedback to the user on error
  • These login methods will be disabled by default as they offer less security than a good typed password
  • Images for the Photo Passwords are downloaded per user after a valid user id on an enabled account is received
  • Final design/style will integrate with the In-Folio

Live demos are now offline…